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Essential listening for all tennis fans!

Love it when my phone lights up to tell me there is a new episode of this pod available. Essential listening on my drive to the courts!! Informative and fun discussion on all the happenings in the ATP and WTA tours as well as the Slams. Long may it continue especially as we enter the cold days of w…

Best tennis podcast by fans

Really relatable content for a UK tennis fan. Love the quizzes and competitions and more focus on doubles than most other podcasts, which I love.

My favourite tennis podcast

They both have really relaxing voices and get into the nitty gritty discussions that we really want to hear. I love Kim’s honesty in particular. Great show!

Book club fun

Thanks Joel and Kim for inviting me onto your show for a fun and friendly chat in your book club slot. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and speaking to you both about Wimbledon, Kim’s love of Rafa and my Steffi obsession!

Entertaining Tennis Podcast!

The Passing Shot is a tennis podcast that recaps the weekly goings on of the WTA/ATP tours in a fun

Great podcast

Really lovely listen! Joel and Kim give lots of technical detail with the right balance of interest and light heartedness.

Fun, informative

Really enjoy this podcast. Joel and Kim seem like lovely people with a love of tennis

Fun listen

Always enjoy these. It’s like listening to your mates chatting about tennis. 😍

Passing shot

Great podcast for UK tennis fans 🎾

Perfect Podcast for Tennis Fans

Engaging and insightful analysis from a pair of British tennis enthusiasts. I always look forward to their next episode. Thanks so much Joel and Kim!

Enjoyable and authentic fan podcast

An accessible, easy listen. Keep up the good work Joel + Kim!

Entertaining Podcast

Great podcast, well hosted and very entertaining. A must listen for tennis fans but enjoyable for all

Great pod!

Great presenters! They make tennis so human, relatable and very entertaining! Keep up the good work.


Fab show, lovely hosts and so authentic. Thanks for having me on guys, I had an absolute blast!

Fantastic fun to listen on the commute

Joel and Kim are so entertaining. They love their tennis and their passion shines through in each episode. Perfect for the commute and keeps me up to date!

Essential listening for all tennis fans!

Love it when my phone lights up to tell me there is a new episode of this pod available. Essential listening on my drive to the courts!! Informative and fun discussion on all the happenings in the ATP and WTA tours as well as the Slams. Long may it continue especially as we enter the cold days of …

My tennis heaven

Fantastic podcast and I can’t get enough of it! For a tennis addict like myself, it’s great because it makes sure I am always up to speed. From Grand Slams to off court controversies, The Passing Shot has it all!

Keep it coming!

Love this pod. Tennis is my favourite sport and Joel & Kim are great!

One to subscribe to for tennis fans!

When it comes to keeping up to date on tennis. The Passing Shot is my number 1 podcast. Insightful, entertaining... Joel and Kim are great. Their fan’s point of view is a real breath of fresh air amongst all the ex-pros.

The Passing Shot is a winner!

Joel and Kim are fountains of knowledge when it comes to tennis. They distill everything out there into what you need to know and present in a really fun but informative format. They offer fabulous insight and have great chemistry... love it!

GSM Joel and Kim

This podcast is great... Joel and Kim are really fun to listen too and each episode is filled with a good mix of informative and entertaining content. Their enthusiasm for tennis has made me a subscriber for life!

The go-to podcast for tennis!

Fun and informative. I really enjoy listening to The Passing Shot because it brings me up to speed on tennis news. Joel and Kim have great banter and the show is really well produced... keep it up!

Totally ace

Started listening during Wimbledon and haven’t looked back. Great insight and the fan segments are awesome. It’s well paced and each show tells me everything I need to know from the past two weeks in tennis.

The fan's choice

If you like tennis then you'll love The Passing Shot. I started listening to it a few months ago and now always make time for what Joel and Kim have to say. I can't get enough of their predictions which always provide me with a good laughs!

Advantage Joel and Kim

What a wonderful podcast to come across! I was suggested The Passing Shot by a friend and instantly loved it. Their enthusiasm for the sport combined with their tennis knowledge creates an entertaining listen that keeps me on top of the tennis world.

A must-listen for the causal fan

Lovely podcast. Joel and Kim provide the perfect chemistry to create a show that’s both informative and entertaining. You rarely get to hear the fan voice amongst the tennis media - so their perspective is unique and fresh. Makes for a great listen!


The Passing Shot is such an insightful listen into the world of tennis. I love that it is hosted by fans. Joel & Kim talk tennis in a way that is a breathe of fresh air from typical tennis broadcasting. Informative, entertaining - The Passing Shot is an absolute delight to listen too!


My friend recommended me The Passing Shot and I’ve been hooked from first listen. Joel & Kim have wonderful chemistry and their passion for the game really comes through in each episode. More of the same please!

Super enjoyable listen!

The Passing Shot is fantastic! Joel and Kim have great chemistry and I love how they bring the world of tennis to life! Informative and fun - definitely would recommend.

Love it!

Great tennis podcast! Keeps me up to date on all the latest tennis news and good banter.

Tennis fans supreme

Joel and Kim’s podcast is a great deep-dive into the world of tennis, even for the less tennis-obsessed like myself! Great hosts with very good banter between them!


I find this podcast great to find out updates on the tennis world as I don't have much time to keep up myself. Great listen!

Fantastic tennis Pod!

If anyone finds it difficult to keep up with tennis news outside of the Slams (or indeed Wimbledon here in the UK) then look no further than the Passing Shot. Joel & Kim have great chemistry and give so much background to not only the planners but the events too. Recommend to everyone!

Solid effort! 40-15

I like the general laid back and positive feel of the show, but feel its maybe lacking the edge that The Tennis Podcast - flagship - has atm. A few actual tennis bones of contention would not go a miss, instead of both presenters agreeing with each other verbatim. The plumby accents come over pret…


Great for anyone who’s interested in tennis! Not one to miss!