The Passing Shot 2021 Crowdfund

Before the start of the 2021 season, we ran our very first crowdfunding campaign and this page serves to recognise our contributors who helped raise the sum of £615 to support the show.

The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast in 2021

2021 Passing Shot GOATS (£100+ donations)

Caroline Girling



2021 Passing Shot Champs (£50+ donations)

Emily Staresina

Michael Mackenzie

Anna Kirk


2021 Passing Shot Pros (£20+ donations)

Liz Curran

Nerissa Dabalos

Lynne Jones


Deana Duquesne

Mark Girling

Julie Tharp


2021 Passing Shot Rookies (£10+ donations)


Alexandra McClelland

Tom Bryant

Erick Pinnick

Abid Ghori

Lee Stanley