Welcome to The Book Club.

Welcome to The Book Club.

We are always looking to evolve our podcast offering at Passing Shot HQ and as part of that we are excited to launch our latest series “The Book Club”.

The idea for this series originated back in lockdown when without any realist prospect of live tennis, we turned to other forms of tennis media to keep us busy and entertained. YouTube highlights, magazines, books...

And from this thought, we decided to really put a spotlight on and give a platform to the latest and greatest tennis books in a (virtual) sit down with the author to discuss their subject matter of choice.

So far we have had Steven Blush on the show to talk about his book Bustin' Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-1978, Pro Sports, Pop Culture and Progressive Politics as well as Abi Smith to give us the lowdown on Wimbledon’s Greatest Games.

We’re working with a couple of publishers to get some more in the pipeline but let us know if you have any tennis books that you’d like to request and given The Book Club treatment!