New season, new looks

New season, new looks

The 2021 season is upon us and we've been busy over the last few months at Passing Shot HQ giving the pod a facelift. This has been very much well overdue and includes the album artwork and our social media content on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

When we began the pod, creating the right artwork was a constant source of debate in terms of the direction we took. With a bit of market research, we noticed microphones integrated with tennis balls was a very common visual and wanted to steer well clear. We wanted to be original and memorable in our presentation.

That core thought is still very much at the front of our minds and we've been working with our lovely designer over the last few weeks to come up that will leap out of the page for listeners casually scrolling through tennis podcasts on their smartphone.

And as the end product, we've landed on a green and yellow theme. We felt with this artwork that we could really express and articulate what The Passing Shot stands for. That we stand for fans and we love to give the fan point of view (hence the double meaning of 'passing shot'). But what we truly love most about this new design is the 'whooshing' of the tennis ball that gives that feeling of an actual passing shot flying past you on a tennis court. 

It feels a big and positive step change for us and we've come along way from painfully trying to design a concept ourselves from scratch using an iPad and stock photos!