Our first ever Crowdfund!

Our first ever Crowdfund!

We are excited to announce from Passing Shot HQ that for the very first time we will be running a crowdfunding campaign for 2021 at the end of this season. Entering the third year of the show, we’ve felt the time is right and will be a new way for listeners to support and feel even closer to the show than ever before. Here's a bit more on our story and ambition for the season ahead...

Joel & Kim would like The Passing Shot to thrive in 2021 and, in order to do so, we are asking our listeners to lend their support and back the show.

Back in the summer of 2017, Joel had a vision. He believed that amongst the familiar voices of ex-pros, media trained broadcasters and journalists on tv, tennis coverage was missing one vital ingredient - the voice of genuine, passionate tennis fans.

And from that thought six months on, The Passing Shot was born on a warm January summer night in Melbourne Park with Joel chatting into his trusty clip-on microphone about what he’d seen on Day 1 at the Australian Open - mostly his disbelief at Kyle Edmund defeating Kevin Anderson five sets!

Six months later, Kim came on board and as a duo we have never looked back. Between June 2018 and November 2020, we’ve produced over 150 episodes of The Passing Shot.

In the last season alone, we went above and beyond, making weekly tour catch ups, delivering round-by-round editions at all three Grand Slams as well as countdowns, quizzes, debates and interviews all the way through the tour pandemic pause.

For each and every episode, we share a whole host of duties to fit in alongside our full time jobs. Script writing, recording, editing, publishing, promoting, branding, social media...

This has resulted in many late nights, early mornings and working lunches to ensure we can deliver The Passing Shot to a quality that we are both proud of.

To date, we have paid for all of this financially out of our own pocket. Sound equipment, recording software, cloud storage, website hosting. It all adds up in order to deliver the podcast all year round.

So for the 2021 season, we’d like to ask our listeners for the first time to financially back us. Help The Passing Shot thrive and ensure the voice of tennis fans stays heard throughout the season.

We have a variety of categories for you to consider backing us in, and if you prefer you can also contribute without reward. 

We are fully aware of the situation that we all find ourselves in and would truly appreciate any sort of financial generosity to help The Passing Shot.

We are grateful to everyone that supports us, so back us with whatever the podcast is worth to you. 

We hope that our time and effort is worth your contribution.  

Thank you for your support!

Joel & Kim